Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday Feast

*This feast contains leftovers from April 2006. Consume at your own risk!*

Appetizer On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how polite are you? 8

Soup What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud? At BB last night when evil dumped ice tea over Jen's head lol

Salad Who is your favorite cartoon character?Tweety

Main Course Tell about the funniest teacher you ever had. Mr.Sheppard, he dressed up as Elvis for a song called "My teacher thinks he's Elvis"

Dessert Complete this sentence: I strongly believe that you don't have to be skinny to be beautiful:)___________________.


BeccaGirl said...

I love love love your dessert, I couldn't agree more! Thanks and great FF!

Laane said...

What a great feast.

Lovely baby at the photo too.

Enjoy your weekend!