Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random talk.

I got my lip piercing, ive had it done for about 4 weeks now and its infected. I'm on anti biotics for it, but i dont think its getting better. Its red and hurts. I hate that they never gave me a ring, i have a stud which i dont like because i bite on it when i eat and that hurts like hell. I love how it looks, but its not good for when you first get it done. My girlfriend got her tongue peirced and it got infected but is better now. When we got our piercings done, we found out that lately whenever someone goes to that place they always gets infections. Heres a picture where you can see my peircing !

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hello, I havent writen in a long time.

I'm now graduated from highschool and i'm currently into modeling and photography!

I'm hopeing to be going to college in sept. for photography! I love taking pictures, of people, animals, nature...everything really! I love captureing the beauty of things.

I want to share a photo of my girlfriend I took, She is a practice model for me. We did a little photo shoot. It was so much fun. (the photo that says springs photography is my girlfriend alicia)
Also, My friend Renee is into photography, and she is amazing at editing, i want to share a couple of the photos...i took them but she edit them. (the gothic/dark type looking photos is me, i took them but Renee edit them!)