Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer 09

Hey, its been a while.

I haven't wrote for a couple of years. Well nothing exciting happening anyways.
I'm staying with my sister for the summer, I Love spending time with my sister and her husband and kids. I Love them all so Much!
Well when i get back to school it will be my last year, I cant believe that i only have a YEAR left! Wow time goes by SO fast! I can remember being in grade 6 and everyone was saying "Oh my we still got 6 years left!" Now we are all saying "Omg we only got 1 year left! I don't want to grow up yet!". Well I know one thing, My last year, Grade 12, i will not let ppl get to me. I'm not letting ppl get to me, Everyone needs to believe to "Be Yourself!" If your gonna change the way you look for someone then ur lying to yourself. I'm not changing for anyone and people should spend their time doing something more meaningful then making other ppl miserable. Get over it. I'm gonna work my hardest and be myself, I'm not Changing for anyone!